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Certainty is rare in capital construction costs.


Human vision can not judge sloped elevation changes across a floor surface. So, no matter how level or flat a floor seems seeing isn't believing, until discrete measurements are taken.


Often, lease obligation for both sides are structured around "potential conditions" of an existing floor surface rather than the actual condition. At $1 to $2 dollars a square foot, for repair, it makes sense for both sides to negotiate real costs vs. deputed allowances. This can be accurately done with the map output from Hypsometric's SDM engine.



an example of SDM engine applied to a floor map of large commercial floor plate

How valuable is an inch?  


Field measurements shouldn't be subject to tape measures and math skills. Delays associated with poor measurement can cost thousands in field changes and delays. So, every inch really does count.

For as little as .10 to .15 cents a square foot a surveyor equipped with a laserscanner can give you measurements every 1/16th of an inch for your whole site.


How certain are you about your CAD backgrounds?


A registered laserscan of your existing space coupled with Hypsometric's LDM engine can yield valuable delta information about the exact location of walls, columns, pipes, and drains. In the first example, below, a significant delta can be seen between where the existing plans (yellow lines) and the actual column stands (black void). Without this visualization this issue would require at least one site visit and a several addendum drawings to be issued mid-construction; potentially adding costs and most certainly creating a delay.


The second example represents a project where at least $50,000 dollars was saved by the client because a significant mis-measurement was caught before the furniture vendor contract was released. Yellow represents lost square footage.


Know every square inch.


Hypsometric's SDM mapping technology will take a surveyor's laserscan dataset and crunch the measurements to determine the actual condition of the floor surface and tell you how much of it exists at any given elevation interval.

Laserscanning typically costs .10 to .15 cents a square foot. Our SDM process is applied at a flat rate of $1950.00 dollars for any size surface. At these prices, does it make sense not to know?


Save thousands a floor for slabs 5,000 sq. ft. and larger.


Floor leveling material installation can cost anywhere from $1 to $2 dollars a square foot and usually the installation has a significant impact on schedule as well. Our maps allow you to bid floor leveling competitively.  With our map, you can make "apples to apples" comparison of floor leveling costs from various subcontractors.



an example of SDM engine applied to a floor map of large commercial floor plate

site photograph                            laserscan data                                  hypsometric map superimposed on photo

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